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01-08-2010, 12:38 PM
asalam alykum

Can you share the names of the best islamic books you've read? And if they're available online, can u link to them?

Look forward to the responses! :)

01-08-2010, 01:34 PM
asalaam alaikum

My best: :D

Stories of the Prophets - Ibn Kathir (http://www.alghurabaa.org/books/bios/Stories%20Of%20The%20Prophets%20By%20Ibn%20Kathir1 .pdf)
People of the Ditch (As-hab al Ukhdood) - Rif'ai Surur - Beautiful Commentary on The Hadith in Sahih Muslim of the Boy and the Magician. (http://kalamullah.com/Books/The_People_of_the_Ditch.pdf)
Morals & Behaviour - Ibn Hazm al Andalusi - lessons we can learn in life through Ibn Hazm's experiences. (http://www.alghurabaa.org/books/tazkiyah/Morals_and_Behaviour_-_Ibn_Hazm.pdf)
Fi Dhilal al Qur'an - Syed Qutb [commentary on Qur'an through a life which earned him shahadah in Allah's cause].
Virtues of Ibn Taymiyyah (http://www.kalamullah.com/Books/TheLoftyVirtuesOfIbnTaymiyyah.pdf)
Tafsir Surah At-Tawba - With Tafsir from the Many different Muffasireen on the Surah. (http://www.kalamullah.com/Books/Tafsir%20Surah%20At-Tawba.pdf)

The Lives of Hasan al Banna & Syed Qutb (http://www.scribd.com/doc/24877498/The-Lives-of-Hasan-Al-Banna-and-Syed-Qutb) (read this with Return of the Pharoah)
Return of the Pharoah - Zainab al Ghazali (she really experienced what the Sahaba and Salaf experienced, like torture etc. and she had so much miracles happen to her. And this happened just 40years ago!)
Milestones [Special Edition] - Syed Qutb (http://www.kalamullah.com/Books/Milestones%20Special%20Edition.pdf)
From the Characteristics of the Salaf - Ahmad Fareed (How the Salaf lived in all aspects of life.) (http://www.kalamullah.com/Books/From%20The%20Characteristics%20of%20The%20Salaf.pd f)
Raheeq al Makhtum (the Sealed Nectar) [the Biography on Prophet Muhammad]. (http://www.kalamullah.com/Books/Ar-Raheeq%20Al-Makhtum.pdf)
Fiqh al Seerah - Muhammad al Ghazali [this author writ the Seerah while experiencing the Makkan period in Egypt, along with his aunty (or sister?) Zainab al Ghazali - who writ Return of the Pharoah]. (http://kalamullah.com/Books/FiqhusSeerah-Muhammad-alGhazali.pdf)
Men around the Messenger - The Lives of the Sahaba, in a nice and easy to read story form. (http://kalamullah.com/Books/Men%20Around%20The%20Messenger%20%28PBUH%29.zip)
Islamic Openings - Futuhaat al Islamiyyah - Islamic conquests, easy to read, and exciting too. (http://www.alghurabaa.org/books/history/Islamic%20Openings.pdf)
Hayat-us-Sahaba [the Lives of the Companions] (Is packed with LOADS of events in the life of the Sahaba, including their miracles and other events in their lives.) (http://8ooks0f1slam.wordpress.com/2008/10/08/hayat-us-sahaba-lives-of-the-sahabah/)

Insha Allah you will gain alot of benefit from them.

Ibn Rajab
01-08-2010, 09:51 PM
1- Riyad-us-Saliheen of Imam an-Nawawi
2- The Destination of the Seeker of the Truth (Interpetation of Kitab at-Tauhid) By Salih bin Abdul-Aziz bin Muhammad bin Ibraheem
3- Introduction to the Sciences of the Quran by Yasir Qadhi
4- Dua-The Weapon of the Believer by Yasir Qadhi
5- A Critical Study of Shirk by Yasir Qadhi
6- Commentary of the Creed of Tahawi by Ibn Abi al-'Izz
7- The Biography of Uthman ibn Affan By Dr. Ali Muhammad As-Sallaabee
8- A Biography of the Prophet of Islam In the Light of the Original Sources An Analytical Study by Dr. Mahdi Rizqullah Ahmad
9- The Biography of Abu Bakr As-Siddique by Dr. Ali Muhammad As-Sallaabee (I haven't read it yet)
10- Islamic Studies Set - Book 1,2,3&4 By Bilal Phillips
11- Commentary on Shaikh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah's Al-'Aqidah Al-Wasitiyyah (2 Vol.) by Ibn uthaymeen, (I haven't read it yet)
12- The History of the Qur'anic Text from Revelation to Compilation: A Comparative Study with the Old and New Testaments by Muhammad Mustafa al-Azami ( I haven't read it yet)
13- The Authority and the Importance of Sunnah by Jamal Zarabozo
14- Commentary on the 40 Hadith of an-Nawawi by Jamal Zarabozo
15- Book of Manners by the Research Department at Darussalam
16- Tafsir of Ibn Kathir (I haven't read all of it)

01-08-2010, 11:41 PM

Very interesting books,insha'Allaah will have to find the time to read them.


Ibn Rajab
01-09-2010, 01:28 AM

17- Hadith Literature: Its Origin, Development, Special Features and Criticism by Muhammad Zubayr Siddiqi (Reading this doesn't make you a Muhadith but increases eeman & Knowledge)
18- Purification of the Soul : Concept, Process and Means by Jamaal Zarabozo
19- Studies in Early Hadith Literature by Mustafa Azami
20- Tafsir 67 : A Commentary on Surah al Mulk By Bilal Phillips
21- Tafsir 85 : A Commentary on Surah al-Buruj By Bilal Phillips
22- The Dajjal And The Return of Jesus by Yusuf Abdullah ibn Yusuf al-Wabil
23- The Legacy of The Prophet by Ibn Rajab (translted by Abu Rumausah)
24- The Superiority of the Knowledge of the Predecessors over the Knowledge of the Successors By Ibn Rajab
25- Towards Understanding Our Religion Volume 1: Collected Writings from the Archives of Al-Basheer, the Magazine By Jamal Zarabozo
26- Zad-ul Ma'ad 4 volumes By Ibn Qayyim (Translated by Jalal Abulrub)
27- Congregational Prayer by Saalih as-Sadlaan (Translated by Abu Rumaysah)
28- Islamic Creed Series by Umar Al-Ashqar
29- 3 volume Medina Arabic Reader by Dr. Abduraheem (it's a good beginning point on the way to learn Arabic, none of these books can make up for the feeling of understanding the quran)
30- Al Arabia Bain Yadaik - Arabic Between Your Hands by Muasisi Al Waqf Al Islaamy (This is usually done after the Medina series, for self taught Arabic)
31- Explanation to the Beautiful and Perfect names of Allah (adapted from the Tafseer of Shaikh Abdurrahman Naasir as-Saa'di and translated by Abu Rumaysah)
32: Explanation of the Creed by Imam al-Barbaharee ( Published by Hidayah)

Alhamdulillah, come to think of it there are some really good material in English and these are just books, lecture series are a whole new topic.

Shaikh Haitham's signature still holds true though.

Ibn Rajab
01-09-2010, 01:49 AM
33- Fiqhul 'Ibaadaat (Understanding Worship) by Ibn uthaymeen and translated by Saleh as-Saleh (Download from http://understand-islam.net/site/ )
34- Al- Wala wa Al-Bara by Muhammad Al-Qahtani
35- Foundation of Sunnah by Imam Ahmad
36- True Message of Jesus By Bilal Philips
37- What did Jesus Really Say by Abdullah Al-Kadhi
38- Tawassul it's types and Rulings by Muhammad Nasiruddin Al-Albaane
39- People of the Sunnah, Be Kind With One Another By Abdul Muhsin al-Abbaad
40- The Etiquette of Seeking Knowledge by Bakr abu Zayd
41- Explanation of Aayatil Kursi by Ibn Uthaymeen (Added notes and prepared by Dr.Saleh as-Saleh ) (Download from http://understand-islam.net/site/ )
42- The Hijaab...Why? by Dr.Saleh as-Saleh
43- The Names and Attributes of Allah by Umar al-Ashqar (don't read this without previous knowledge of the topic)
44- Evolution of Fiqh by Bilal Philips (Answers alot of misconceptions)
45- Other books published by Dar us-Sunnah publications translated by Brother Abu Rumaysah, most of them are works of Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali. I have heard that Abu Rumaysah is one heck of a Translator, May Allah bless him and increase his reward

AllahuAkbar! This is getting big, I hope I am not annoying anyone with this. There is more to this...

I haven't read every single book I mention in the list, but I have read most of them. I recommend them based on my knowledge (which is very little) so correct me if I post a book that is not worth reading or is dangerous. I choose these books based on my reading or what some of the Students of Knowledge recommended.