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Abdul Ghani Nablusi and Wahdatul Wujud

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  • Abdul Ghani Nablusi and Wahdatul Wujud

    Salam aleykum

    here are scan from the book "jawahir An-Nusus Hal Kalimat Al-Fusus" which is an explanation of the Fusus of ibn Arabi by the Naqshabandi Hanafi Sufi Abdul Ghani Am-Nablusi

    One can read that like Al-Jami, An-Nablusi also agrees that the ayat "Your Lord decreed that you should not worship but Him" means that none can be worshiped except Allah...

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    Salam alayqum, What is your point here? i) Are you trying to say Shaykh Abdul Ghani al-Nablusi (rahimullah) is saying whoever you worship in reality you wil stilll be worshipping Allah? ii) Or you're trying to say that Shaykh (rahmullah) said that only Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) should be worshipped? If you implied the first then you're wrong Shaykh meant the second. Learn to let go of issues which your intellect cannot grasp. Wahdat al-Wujud is ayn Tawheed and if I explain it to you and you understood BUT REFUSED TO BELIEVE IN IT I will consider you Mushrik/Kafir. Its that kind of clear Tawheed where Kufr/Shirk of denier it is clear as midday suns light.