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  • Rules?

    What are the rules of this forum?

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    Read this:

    In nutshell, No links to deviated websites can be posted and if one has a question, he or she should quote the part that is related to the question only.

    It is important that people respect each other and avoid personal arguments and to avoid sharing personal views about religion and keep in mind that there are heaps of knowledge they are not aware of as yet. Lastly, and most importantly, people MUST understand that as they are laypeople, whether they like to admit so or not, they are NOT entitled to analyze or discuss texts or weight evidences or scholarly views. Thus, everyone must show respect to others who hold views different than those of theirs so long such views are deemed valid in either or all the four Madhabs, namely Hanafi, SHafie, Maliki and Hanbali.

    Wallahu A'lam
    Seeking Knowledge & Learning Fiqh Is Only Praised When It Is For The Purpose Of Acting Upon It, Not For The Sake Of Discussions & Arguments

    Why Posts Are Deleted?
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    If I do not greet back in writing then know I do it verbally because sometimes I am too busy and just want to answer the question.


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      Okay. jazakallahu khair.