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Do u read Sura Kafirun b4 sleep to block Shirk?

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  • Do u read Sura Kafirun b4 sleep to block Shirk?

    A'uzobilla himinash Shaitaanir rajeem.
    Bismillahir Ra'hmaanir Ra'heem.
    Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barkatuhu.

    I mean no offence.
    A hadith says that after reciting Sura Kaafirun and going to sleep makes reciter immune (i.e, a barrier) from Shirk.
    What does it mean by "immunity" and "barrier"?
    Those who recite or have started to recite, do you notice any change?
    (And please, no debates)

    Thanks in advance.

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    I do not think "immunity" or "barrier" is the correct translation.

    The Arabic of the Hadith is:

    فإنها براءة من الشرك

    The Arabic word which you say has been translated as immunity or barrier is


    It is the verbal noun of the verb bari'a. It means to become free or be cleared of something.

    I think you will better understand the Hadith when you read it with that meaning in mind.

    Additionally, the following from Ibn Kathiir should help:

    هذه السورة سورة البراءة من العمل الذي يعمله المشركون

    This Suurah is the Suurah of al-baraa'a [being cleared, becoming free] of the deeds which the Mushrikuun do.