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Was Imam Bukhari blind as a child?

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  • Was Imam Bukhari blind as a child?

    Assalaamu alaikum.

    What is the status of the information that Imam Bukhari (ra) was blind as a child. Is it authentic or not?

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    Hafidhh Ibn Kathir and Hafidhh Ibn Hajar al Asqalani both write:

    Imam Bukhari had lost his sight in his days as a youth, and his mother used to pray to Allah vigorously for the return of her son’s sight. One night in her dream, she saw the Prophet Ibrahim, upon whom be peace, who told her that Allah had accepted her prayers because of her tears in them in front of Allah and her son’s sight would be return’. When Imam Bukhari awoke in the morning, his eyesight had returned.

    [Tahrikh Ibn Kathir, under biography of Imam Bukhari, and Muqadimah Fath al Bari, biography of Imam Bukhari]


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      Assalaamu alaikum brother daeef.

      Jazakallahu khairan.