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VIDEO - shaikh Jameel rahman al-Afghani as-Salafi

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    The ones who killed him while at the same time claimed to be part of the mujahideen
    ‏"‏إن الله لا يقبض العلم انتزاعًا ينتزعه من الناس ولكن يقبض العلم بقبض العلماء حتى إذا لم يبقِ عالمًا، اتخذ الناس رءوسًا جهالا، فسئلوا فأفتوا بغير علم، فضلوا وأضلوا‏:‏ ‏(‏‏(‏متفق عليه‏)‏‏)‏‏.‏


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      Originally posted by Ahmed Ibn Amr View Post
      The ones who killed him while at the same time claimed to be part of the mujahideen
      be blunt about it

      Originally posted by Muhammad Ibn Ali View Post
      and who were those "so called mujahideen"?
      he's talking about the munafiqs that killed the shaykh, may Allah kill them and anyone who likes them.
      ابو نعيمة علي البريكي

      "I have debated with the Ash'aris
      and it has become clear to me that they believe that Allah does not exist"

      May Allah hasten the Muslims back to the path
      that granted victory to them before.


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        qutub supporter

        Originally posted by al-boriqee View Post
        yes, that is the Imam of the mujahideen.

        here is the youtube link


        notice this real mujaahid says in the beginning starting at 44 seconds onward
        to 1:55 seconds

        This is the juncture as to why I have always asserted that the CIA altered the structure of the Jihad movements and we have to remove this parasitical and insideous nifaaq element. The CIA backed Bin Laden and his munafiqeen came with the kill the muslimeen doctrine and altered the format of the jihaad warefare.

        The actual mujahideen like Shaykh Jameelu-Rahman, Abdullah al-Azzam, my own shaykh, and a few others that I know remained upon the prophetic manhaj of Jihad.

        With the new revisionist ideology of Bin Laden and the CIA version of jihad, the format changed in two fundamental ways

        1. the target became fellow Muslims
        2. the employment of suicide bombings (as opposed to actually fighting the enemy)

        We see the same thing in Chechnya where the newly CIA influenced fighters called "mujahideen" are fighting the older mujaahideen.

        NOTICE that the older Mujahideen prior to the CIA reformatted jihad, had experienced victory after victory (for the most part), and in todays format, victory is only experienced when we side with the Nato and CIA forces like what happened with Libya and what is likely to happen against that mushrik Assad.

        While I do yearn towards the victory of the Muslims over this criminal in Syria, I don't like it to be at the expense of our siding with the enemies of Islam (i.e western forces), because dealing with them will entail that the fight was ultimately for nothing, and this unfortunately is not something that can convince our very passionate brothers and sisters on the ground, it will have to be experienced.

        may Allah strengthen and aid the Muslimeen and to guide us towards His Pleasure

        Asalamu Alaykum
        AbdulALLAH azzam was sayyid qutub supporter and
        u must know errors of sayyid qutb almost all or most salafee scholars refuted sayyid qutb and abdulAllah azzam still was pro qutub