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Default Imam Mujahid Affirmed a Makaan (Place) for Allah

Assalamu Alaykum,

Imam Mujahid needs no introduction to you students of knowledge. He is one of the great students of Ibn Abbass. We learn mostly about Ibn Abbas's commentaries through Imam Mujahid. He is indeed one of the great scholars of the Salaf.

Below we have the following narration to Imam Mujahid:

حدثنا الوليد حدثنا محمد بن عمار حدثنا يحيى حدثنا شبل عن ابن أبي نجيح عن مجاهد رحمه الله تعالى في قوله تعالى وقربناه نجيا قال بين السماء السابعة وبين العرش سبعون ألف حجاب حجاب نور وحجاب ظلمة وحجاب نور وحجاب ظلمة فما زال موسى عليه السلام يقرب حتى كان بينه وبينه حجاب فلما رأى مكانه وسمع صريف القلم قال رب أرني أنظر إليك

Al Waleed - Muhammad bin Amaar - Yahya -Shibil - Ibn Abi Najeeh - Mujahid said in regards to Allah's statement wa qarabnaahu najeeya (19:52): Between the fourth heaven (or he said) seventh heaven, and between the Throne there are 70,000 veils. These are veils of light and veils of darkness. Musa kept getting closer until there was between him (i.e. Musa) and Him (i.e. Allah) a single veil. So when he saw His (i.e. Allah) place and heard the chirping of the Pen [He said My Lord allow me to look at you].
Imam Al Dhahabi said that this narration is firm from Mujahid the Imam of Tafsir (هذا ثابت عن مجاهد إمام التفسير). He also said that this is reported by Imam Al Bayhaqi in his book Al Asmaa' Wal Sifaat, no.96 and by Abu Al Shaykh in his Al Udhma, Volume 2, no. 49

The only thing that Al Kawthari could do is argue that Imam Mujahid is not infallible...

لا حجة في كلام غير المعصوم ومجاهد ممن يروي عن أهل الكتاب
Shaykh Al Albani on narration no. 110 in Al Mukhtasar Al 'Uluww comments as follows:

Its isnaad is Saheeh. All of its men are trustworthy and Al Kawthari the Jahmi in his commentary on Al Asmaa' criticized it based on the age of ibin 'Ubaada and he is a trustworthy narrator who is used as proof in the Saheehayn. And Shibil bin 'Ubaad is trustworthy and he is from the men of Al Bukhari, and when criticizing him he said nothing more than Qadri. Is this a valid kind of criticism?

Now I am sure that Imam Mujahid didn't mean by "place" that spatial location surrounding Allah. Rather, he meant to indicate where Allah is (i.e. above the seven heavens). But Asharis would declare this to be a statement of kufr.
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