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Old 03-15-2009, 07:57 AM
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Default Killing of Hujr Bin Adi

Anwering Ansar mentions following references that Hujr Bin Adi was a Companion of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Is there any refutation about this:?

"Hujr was amongst the virtuous Sahaba"
Istiab, Volume 1 page 97 - Hujr bin Adi al-Kindi

Ibn Atheer in 'Asad'ul Ghaba' counts Hujr amongst the great Sahaba:

كان من فضلاء الصحابة

"He was amongst the virtuous Sahaba"
Asadul Ghaba fi Ma'rafat Sahabah, Volume 1 page 244

Imam Hakim in 'al-Mustadrak' created a chapter called:

"Manaqib Hujr bin Adi [ra] wa wahu rahib Asahab Muhammad" i.e. "Merits of Hujr bin Adi (May Allah be pleased with him) and he is one of the companions of Prophet [s]".
Mustadrak Hakim, Volume 3 page 468

Ibn Asakir recorded that Hujr bin Adi [ra] met Holy Prophet [s] and Ibn Kathir echoed the same in his book 'Al–Bidayah wal Nihayah'. He records:

قال ابن عساكر‏:‏ وفد إلى النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم، وسمع علياً وعماراً وشراحيل بن مرة، ويقال‏:‏ شرحبيل بن مرة‏.‏

"Ibn Asakir has recorded that Hujr came to Holy Prophet [s] and he heard (hadith) from Ali, Ammar, Sharajeel bin Marat and he is known as Sharjeel bin Marat"
Al-Bidayah wal Nihayah, Volume 8 page 55

Similarly while talking about Hujr bin Adi [ra], Hanafi scholar Kamaluddin Umar ibn al-Adeem (586-660 H/1191-1262) records in 'Bughyat al-Talib fi Tarikh Halab' Volume 2 page 298:

وكان من أهل الكوفة، وفد على النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم، وحدث عن علي بن أبي طالب

"He was among the people of Kufa, he came to Prophet [s] as a delegate and narrated from Ali bin abi Talib"

Likewise Imam Ibn Qutayba Dinwari (213-276 H) records in his famed work 'Al-Maarif' page 76:

وفد إلى النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم وأسلم وشهد القادسية وشهد الجمل وصفين مع علي، فقتله معاوية بمرج غدراء مع عدة

"He came to the Prophet [s] as a delegate and converted to Islam, he attended the battle of al-Qadsiya, he attended the battles of Jamal and Sifeen with Ali then Mu'awiyah killed him in Adra along with his group"

While recording about the miracles possessed by the companions of Holy Prophet [s], Shafiyee scholar Allamah Hibatullah Lalkai (d. 418 H) records in his authority work 'Sharh Usool Etiqad Ahl Sunnah' Volume 7 page 18:

ما روي من كرامات حجر بن عدي أو قيس بن مكشوح في جماعة أصحاب رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم

"What have been narrated from the miracles of Hujr bin Adi or Qais bin Makshooh who are the companions of Prophet [s]"

If still there remains any doubt in Nasibi minds, then let us complete the story by citing the words of the beloved scholar of the Nawasib, Imam Dhahabi who while recording details of Hujr bin Adi stated:

"He had companionship and he was a delegate"
Siyar alam an Nubla, Volume 3 page 463
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Old 03-15-2009, 08:59 AM
salafees_mainstream_muslims salafees_mainstream_muslims is offline
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the reason behind killling of hijr bin Uday is given on, however they too agreed that there's a difference regarding that he is copmanion or not.

Al-Bukhari and others counted him as a follower (Tabe’ei), and some others as a companion.

however regarding his killing this is the reason which is quite satisfactory:
Mu’awiyah did not kill Hijr because he refrained from insulting Ali, and this is calumniation. What the historians mentioned about the reason behind killing Hijr bin Uday was that Ziyad, the ruler of Al-Kufah appointed by Mu’awiyah, once gave a prolonged speech. So Hijr bin Uday called for the prayer, but Ziyad went along with his speech. So, Hijr and his group threw stones at Ziyad. Ziyad wrote Mu’awiyah telling him what Hijr did and Ziyad reckoned that as corruption on earth. Hijr used to do this with the governor of Al-Kufah who preceded Ziyad. Mu’awiyah ordered that Hijr be sent to him. When Hijr reached there, Mu’awiyah ordered to kill Hijr. Mu’awiyah’s severity in killing Hijr was because Hijr tried to transgress against the Islamic nation and to break the bond of the Muslims and Mu’awiyah considered it as an endeavor to corrupt the earth especially in Kufah where some groups of the affliction first appeared against Uthman. If Uthman were lenient in this matter, which ultimately lead to his death and lead the Islamic nation to the greatest affliction and caused blood to run like rivers, then Mu’awiyah wanted to cut this affliction from its roots by killing Hijr. Strange is this Al-Tijani when he cries and mourns for the death of Hijr and at the same time does not object on Ali when Ali fought the rebels against his caliphate at the battle of The Camel and Saffeen, which caused the death of the best Companions and in addition, the death of thousands of Muslims, although the reason was one i.e. rebelling against the ruling of the caliph!
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